Lo primero que pense cuando vi la nota de que venia Queens of the Stone Age … 

Feeling very chu. <3 (at Corona Capital 2013)


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"Now, for the first time in its billions of years of history, our planet is protected by far-seeing sentinels, able to anticipate danger from the distant future – a comet on a collision course, or global warming–and devise schemes for doing something about it. The planet has finally grown its own nervous system: us."

- Daniel Dennett ( We Earth Neurons )


Earthrise,” as photographed by the Apollo 8 crew on Christmas Eve 1968, laid over NASA’s 2013 recreation using Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) data.


Red Moon 

Jesse Pinkman will not build a snowman

Red Side of the Moon & Mars.

McDonalds Aprils Fools McDrive Surprise

Mariachi Band #ImagineDragons (at Auditorio Nacional)

Listen, this is how you get back on stage just after a great show. #ImagineDragons #MX (at Auditorio Nacional)

Tristian feliz en el Auditorio #Reyno

Almost There!!!! 


Narrowing down the search for CG

Met in a dream? Who’s Captain Goodnight?