Who the f@ck is Captain Goodnight?

Bonne nuit mes amies.

Need to play this. 

Write them faster … write them faster … write them faster 

Two loves in one. 


A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984 - 2010)

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Jax & Tara 

Men of Mayhem NO MORE 

Noah - Darren Aronosfky

Oxford’s Hips dont lie !!!!! 

Las mejores 15 películas mexicanas de 2009 a 2014: reflejos de la colectividad actual

NME's 100 Most Influential Artists: 50 - 1

<3 #4


My fave MC! My Guys! #SonsOfAnarchy Miss them all! 💙💖

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Community Post: 31 Reasons Jax Teller Is Your Perfect Man

Once in jail


well, i am groot

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